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Daniyal Omar


I am Daniyal. I was diagonsed with congenital insensitivity to pain and heat, a rare hereditary syndrome that made me unable to feel pain and hot sensation. As I grew over the age of 2, my behaviour was severely affected and made me feel irritated most of the time


"We will always be thankful to Sarah Faith Hogan Memorial Foundation for their help. " Daniyal's full story

Mackenzie Grace Kinley

Mackenzie Grace Kinley


I was 2 in August. At 2 days old I began having seizures while mom was still admitted after having me. At 5 days old I was admitted to the Alberta Children’s Hospital for testing. Turned out there was some abnormalities in my brain causing seizures.


"Sarah Faith Hogan Memorial Foundation has made it possible for me to have my walker and go to school." Mackenzie's full story




They did an MRI and found that he had a brain injury. At that very moment he showed temperature and sugar fluctuations. After a few days we realized that he had jaundice. They did some tests and said it wasn't normal jaundice and they transferred him to the Alberta Children's Hospital.


"The Sarah Faith Hogan Memorial Foundation helped us to find solution for our financial needs by providing us with rent and utilities, some basic necessities for Dathatreyan, and the added cost of hospital parking." Dathatreyan's full story


Awtumn Wilson


We didn't no how hard it was going to be but we did know that if she fought to stay with me during my pregnancy that I would fight for her at birth. We had many appointments in the city so it would be mostly Awtumn and me going. Even know that they were only maybe 10 min check ups I wouldn't change it for anything.


"As well the Sarah Faith Hogan Memorial Foundation helped us in such a big way. If I never got in touch with them I don't know where my family and I would of been. Thank you so much." Awtumn's full story


Abigail Wipf


Abigail Wipf was born on May 22, 2014, in Red Deer, Alberta. Arriving early at 23 weeks, her parents knew to anticipate a few complications, but given that her mother’s water broke at 20 weeks, they had no idea what to expect of the journey ahead.


"Thank You Sarah Faith Hogan Memorial Foundation" Abigail's full story


George Thomas


In November of 2013, we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our lives and our little family was complete. George Marquand Thomas-Brothers was born on the 18 at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax Nova Scotia, a chubby eight pounds and three ounces. Following a brief recovery period, we left the hospital three days later with our bundle of joy.


In November of 2014, just before George’s first birthday we learned his diagnosis. George has a genetic duplication, deletion, and an unbalanced translocation. Because of this, George has brain malformations, pachygyria, micro lissencephaly, cortical vision impairment, global developmental delay, intractable epilepsy and hypotonia to name a few.


"From the bottom of our hearts, we thank everyone who has contributed to George’s success..." George's full story




Parker was born on Dec. 19, 2013 and has been in and out of the hospital since birth. Parker was born with a malrotation of the gut, which means his intestines were twisted and backwards. His appendix was on the wrong side and he had an obstruction which required a LADD procedure.


At one month old, we were told his 1st surgery was unsuccessful and he was clinically diagnosed with Megacystis Microcolon Hypoperistalsis.


"We thank the Sara Faith Hogan Memorial Foundation from the bottom of our hearts..." Parker's full story

Shawn Katrick

Shawn Katrick


Shawn was born May 1, 2013 with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS). HLHS is a birth defect where the left heart does not form correctly and affects the normal blood flow through the heart.


After my 16-18 week ultrasound, I was sent for an echo. This is where the doctor diagnosed Shawn with HLHS. I was sent up to Edmonton to deliver at the Royal Alec Hospital. Once Shawn was born I only got to hold him for a minute before he was sent to the Stollery Children’s Hospital.


"The SFHMF has really been a huge help with paying for Shawn’s medications and helping with parking at the hospital. Thanks to the foundation for all your support..." Shawn's full story

Mireya May Laganas

Mireya May Laganas


Mireya May was born prematurely at 26 weeks. Mireya May has respiratory and vision issues related to her prematurity. She was diagnosed with Transient Tachypnea of newborn and had recurrent apnea. Due to her prematurity she is highly susceptible to illness during the RSV and flu season.


"Thanks to the SFHMF for supplying her formula and covering transportation expenses to and from the hospital...." Mireya's full story

Cyrine Mahameed

Cyrine Mahameed


Baby Cyrine’s parents, Duaa and Fadi, believe it takes a life to save a life. After the Edmonton couple lost their first baby, Maya, to a rare immune disorder, they wanted to be prepared when expecting second daughter, Cyrine. The couple learned there was a 25% chance she would have it, too. So they had Cyrine tested for it while in utero. Sadly, their worst fear was realized. Fadi recalls being out shopping when he got the call from their doctor telling him that this baby would also be born without an immune system.


"We are so blessed to be getting help from Sarah Faith Hogan Memorial Foundation; it takes a lot of the stress away and gives us one less thing to worry about...." Cyrine's full story

Nathaniel Petruk

Nathaniel Petruk


We welcomed our precious son Nathaniel into the world in July of 2013. Our joy was short lived, and was replaced with fear of the unknown. He was born flat and had to be resuscitated. From here our world changed. We thought we were going to be having a "healthy" baby. Everything went well throughout the pregnancy. I had many ultrasounds and biophysicals due to excessive amniotic fluid. Nothing showed up on any tests.


"SFHMF has eased the burden of our financial worries, and we can now focus on the most precious part of our life! We can never thank the foundation enough for everything they have done for us!! They gave us hope, and showed us love when we needed it most! We will be forever grateful!!...." Nathaniel's full story


Maya Smith


My name is Stephanie. My husband David and I had our first child Kalix on March 08, 2014. He was born at 9:16 pm weighing 4 lbs 14 oz. We had him at the foothills hospital due to the underlying issues we encountered throughout the pregnancy. 


I was told on my first trimester screening that he had a high nucal translucency reading, and edema in the stomach region. They told me that my odds of having a baby with trisomy 13, 18, or downs syndrome were increased. They offered me an amniocentesis, I declined  and asked to wait for the next ultrasound to decide. The second ultrasound came and the doctor saw us after and told us that everything looked good but there was a question he was having about his heart. We were scheduled to come back in a few weeks for a follow up ultrasound. At our next ultrasound the cardiologist ended up speaking with us after wards. She had told us that there were three issues she spotted which were a VSD, a suspected coarctation, and a sub aortic stenosis. She explained that she was going to follow us closely throughout my pregnancy to see how things progress. We were offered another amniocentesis and I decided to get one.


The results took a  while to come back, the FISH results came first which confirmed that he didn't have down syndrome, or trisomy 13, or 18. Then it took the other results a bit longer to come in and when they did they confirmed that he was missing part of chromosome 8. They couldn't tell us much about it because it is very rare, and of the people that do have it everyone varies in the things they suffer from. 


"We are so blessed to be getting help by the SFHMF it takes a lot of the stress away..." Kalix's full story


Maya Smith


2014 was both the best and worst year of our lives. In January we welcomed our first child Sebastian to the world. It was wonderful having a gorgeous perfect baby, being parents and being a family. In May Sebastian had a Seizure at 4 months of age. He stopped breathing and mom gave him CPR and called 911. This is where 2014 became the worst year of our lives. Sebastian was diagnosed with a rare, untreatable brain malformation and the prognosis was grim. "For sure he’ll be disabled, for sure he’ll have more seizures and most likely he’ll pass away before he becomes an adult” said all the doctors in his care. Devastated would only partially describe how we felt.


Unable to go back to work early as previously planned mom stayed off the full year. Dad went on stress leave then EI as Sebastian battled through infantile spasms, grand mal seizures, focal seizures, intubation, epileptic encephalopathy, a coma like state and a total of 60 days in the children’s hospital. We were living in a nightmare. Sebastian had regressed so much he forgot how to hold his head up, how to swallow and eat, and even how to poop. Since May Sebastian has had 3 MRI's, 12 EEGs, 8 chest X-rays, 1 CT scan, 7 failed seizure medications and will be going for G-tube surgery. He is a trooper.  Finally we were discharged from hospital. The advice from the medical staff was take him home and love him. Well this didn’t feel like the best advice. Of course we love him, but there's more we can do.


"Thank goodness the SFHMF has been here to help us with the cost of his treatments and equipment. ..." Sebastian's full story


Maya Smith


Brianna  gave birth to Kiera Lynn at 27 weeks gestation.  She has multiple medical issues including Respiratory Distress, Pulmonary Haemorrhage, Hydroecephalus, Hypertension, Metabolic acidosis, Meningitis, and Hyperbili Bubinemia. Kiera’s prognosis was guarded in the first month and parents had a number of difficult conversations with neonatology regarding her prognosis.


Because of  her extreme prematurity and medical complications, Kiera Lynn is at an increased risk of respiratory and neurodevelopmental concerns in the future. She will require frequent follow-up with a Pediatrician for general health, growth and nutrition, and developmental progress. Kiera Lynn will be followed by the Neonatal Transitional Care Team due to their birth weight. They also qualify to be followed by the Neonatal Follow-up Clinic at the ACH based on their birth weight. This clinic will monitor their neurodevelopment in their early childhood years. Kiera will also be followed by Cardiology, Neurosurgery and Neurology at Alberta Children’s Hospital.


"Thanks to the foundation, some temporarily financial relief has given the family time to get things in order..." Kiera-Lynn's story

Ezekiel and Jeremiah

Maya Smith


February 14, 2013 was an important event that I’m very thankful for because of two wonderful events that took place. First, I was celebrating Valentine’s Day with my husband and second, our two little angels were born.


June 16, 2013, my thoughts were full of worries, fears and I was very heart broken. A bunch of doctors and specialists examined both boys. Later, the specialists called for an emergency meeting with the parents and chosen relatives. The doctors told us that my two boys have a Neurodegenerative disorder (also known as Mitochondrial Disorder). They predicted that reaching a year old would be considered “lucky”.


I wanted to lessen all the sufferings they were experiencing but there was nothing that I can do but to pray. Thankfully, my prayers were answered and the seizures stopped. I then read a sign hanging at the top of their bed “I made all of this out of nothing. Trust me I can take care of you – God”…I felt God’s presence and this made me feel hopeful. So I made a promise to my two little angels that I will never leave them and I will do my very best in taking care of them.


"A million thanks to SFHMF for helping us financially and being a part of our success!  ." Ezekiel and Jeremiah's story

Maya Smith

Maya Smith


A month ago we were planning on a great summer ... and then Maya was brought into hospital in rough shape. Originally I assumed it was asthma and a few treatments and we would be on our way. I was so very wrong. We watched in disbelief as a ventalin mask turned into a ventilator breathing support, and then an oscillator machine.


We sat by Maya's bed as she was in a complete coma state and tried to reason what was happening as doctors told us our baby was very, very sick. Then they told us her chances of survival were very slim if she did not go on an ECMO machine which would pump all the blood out of her body, put oxygen into it and pump it back in. There were huge risks but it would give her lungs a chance to breathe.



"I know if I don't ask for help ... any help of any kind that is available ... then my family is affected." Maya's story

Carmen Delahay

W Triplets


Carmen is an 8 month old baby girl who has spent 100+ days of her life in the hospital. Carmen was only recently diagnosed with Central Core Disease, a disease which has resulted in significantly decrease muscle strength and tone. At this point Carmen remains in the hospital as she requires assistance with breathing and is unable to take any nutrition orally.


The cost of gas to and from Calgary and the cost of parking at the ACH alone have been difficult for the family to manage. Even once discharged Carmen will have long-term complex needs that will require numerous visits to the ACH.



"The Foundation graciously helped us out with costs to set up our home for Carmen’s homecoming..." Carmen's story

Reimer James Anderson

W Triplets


February 22nd 2014 I was tossing and turning in bed trying to get to sleep. I was 27/5 weeks pregnant and experiencing shooting pains in my lower abdomen. Worried something was wrong, I left the house in my pajamas with nothing but my purse and headed to the Red Deer Regional Hospital. The diagnosis was Preeclampsia and I was rushed into surgery for an emergency C-section.


At 2:06am Reimer James Anderson was born weighing a tiny 1lb 13oz. He was airlifted to Foothills Hopsital in Calgary and I followed the next day via ambulance. With all my family in Ontario and being a single mom I found myself in a rocky situation. I couldn't pay rent back home while I was in Calgary and lost my apartment along with all my belongings - minus what I could carry.


"The SFHMF heard my story and has helped me set up a home closer to my family..." Reimer's story

Hayden Nguyen

W Triplets


Hayden is currently a patient of Dr Steven R Martin in the Gastroenterology Clinic at the Alberta Children's Hospital as he underwent a liver transplant on December 12, 2013 for acute liver failure. Hayden was born on May 28, 2013 after an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth. His father was an international student at St Mary's College while his mother, a hair dresser was on maternity benefits.


Hayden's symptoms of vomiting and yellowing eyes were first noticed in the last days of November. He was brought to the emergency department at the Children's Hospital where he was diagnosed with acute liver failure and would require a liver transplant...

"The Nguygen family is very thankful for the support of the foundation..." Hayden's story

The 'W' Triplets

W Triplets


The triplets were born at 28 weeks via emergency c-section.  They spent 4 and ½ months in the hospital due to their extreme pre-maturity and medical complications.  They continue to be at increased risk of respiratory and neurodevelopmental complications down the road. 


As a result of the premature birth of the babies and need for being at the hospital on a regular basis, the financial stresses added further problems to the already heavy load the family was carrying.  As dad was off work awaiting knee surgery, the income coming into the home wasn’t enough to make ends meet. 

"The Foundation was able to provide some relief to help get the family back on their feet"

John Michael

John Michael


John Michael was an answered prayer to the couple Mike and Jona.


Mike travelled all the way from Botswana to be with Jona in Vancouver to have a family they call their own. June 24, 2012 , the long awaited day had come. John Michael was born via an emergency C-Section at St. Paul Hospital , in Vancouver. John Michael had a rough delivery via C-Section, he was meconium stained and non vigorous and had to be intubated. His Apgar Score was not promising....thus he needed more intensive care to survive.


John Michael's MRI showed basal ganglia injury which put him under antiseizure medications for three months. The family had been seeing various doctors to find cure and help on baby JM's problem...


"The SFHMF is currently paying for JM's therapy that is helping immensely on his path to development...." John Michael's story

The O'Neill Family


2012 was a rough year. 2013 was a relentless onslaught of one crisis after another.


We were planning and prepared for a new addition to our family - a very welcomed new little brother for our daughter. We had saved up a decent emergency fund. We had paid off our debts. We had all of the baby paraphernalia purchased and home all ready for when Enzo arrived. We were ready for a baby, but no one can ever truly be ready for a medically complex child such as Enzo.


In a year that also brought us a flood, cancer and a layoff, the gift from the Sarah Faith Hogan Memorial Fund was a shining moment. It meant not only financial relief, but also showed us the incredible generosity and support available in our community. Parenting a child with a chronic and life-threatening medical condition can be a crushing burden at times, and this gift lifted some of that weight. Melinda and the SFHMF made us feel not quite so alone anymore...

"We are incredibly grateful that this organization was here for us in our time of great need..." Enzo's story

The Edozie Family

Edozie Family


Staycey was born a healthy baby in January 2013.  She was admitted to the Alberta Children's Hospital when she was four months old with pneumonia in addition to other medical concerns and continued to get worse.  She is currently on a ventilator and oscillator as she does not have any lung capacity at this time. Her long term outcome is unclear as she has severe ongoing lung issues as well as permanent damage.


The Foothills Hospital has become a second home for mom and Staycey, making child care for the big sisters very costly.  The Sarah Faith Hogan Memorial Foundation has stepped in and helped in providing some financial relief by helping to offset the costs of childcare along with the expensive ongoing medications that Staycey requires.

"We are fortunate to be connected with the Foundation and are forever thankful for your help..." Staycey's story

The Carruthers Family

Carruthers Family


I gave birth to Eli, Mason and Keira on September 28th, 2013 at 29 weeks and 2 days gestation. My babies were delivered by emergency caesarean after an ultrasound revealed that my baby Mason was in medical distress as he was having reverse blood flow in his umbilical cord and his amniotic fluid levels were low.


Throughout my entire pregnancy he had severe intrauterine growth restriction.  There was a good chance that he wouldn't survive if he spent any longer in utero. They were born at Foothills Medical Centre and were admitted to the NICU due to extreme prematurity and chronic lung issues for both my girl Keira and my boy Mason, which require continuous respiratory support.

"The SFHMF has been a HUGE help in providing financial assistance..." Mason, Keira & Eli's story

The Symons Family

Symons Famiy


I gave birth to Austin & Jaxson on June 29, 2013 at 26 weeks gestation and the boys have remained in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ever since due to extreme prematurity and numerous complications.


Both boys have chronic lung issues requiring ongoing respiratory support and Austin also has a grade 4 intracranial bleed which will likely lead to developmental issues. Their medical status was very fragile, particularly in the beginning of their stay and we have been faced with making many difficult decisions along the way.


Due to continued complications and slow development, the boys are expected to require further inpatient care for the at least the next couple of months.

"The foundation has been an enormous help in providing financial support..." Austin & Jaxson's story

The Cantius Family



Sarah's Grandpa said to me "cherish every moment with Noah" when we met the day we were surprised and honored with this incredible gift. I told him that we do and I can easily promise that we will continue to all the days we are granted together.

We can't thank you all enough for honoring the trials we've had in such a loving and generous way. We've certainly had help along the way to make ends meet financially, but this is like an unexpected treasure at the end of a very arduous journey we had only hoped to survive!

To be told to do something fun or special with this gift gives us the freedom to do something we wouldn't have otherwise considered and you know what? We will! Thank you all, from the deepest parts of our hearts!

"He is a gift beyond measure and he touches the hearts of everyone he meets" Noah's story

The Rothery Family

Rothery Family


The donation granted by the Sarah Faith Hogan Foundation will go towards the extraordinary costs we have thus far incurred in special equipment and therapy sessions, and those going forward.  We are very grateful to receive such a generous donation, especially since Cohen’s condition did not automatically qualify him (as has been the case for so many things) for this donation. 

The reality of situations like ours is that anything that can be done to alleviate other concerns, thus allowing you to focus directly on your family is greatly beneficial.  Unfortunately, we do live in a time and place where financial stability is very important, especially when you are directing all of your resources to a child in need.  For the first few months following Cohen’s birth, I took a leave from work and thus we lost some of the financial stability we were used to and expected. 

We have both missed work since due largely to Cohen’s relentless appointment schedule.  Donations like this enable parents like ourselves to continue to worry first and foremost for our child, as opposed to figuring out how to necessarily work more (at the expense of our child) to continue to make ends meet.  In our case, there have also been significant costs associated with equipment as well. 
We thank all of those that donated to and have otherwise supported this foundation and can assure you, that while we greatly appreciate it, all future families will also surely benefit as much as we have.

"Cohen is now 1 year old, and is one fo the happiest children anyone has ever seen. Witih a contagious smile" Cohen's story

The Akehurst Family



The path for Malcolm is still an uphill climb but if the past is any indication, he has been gifted with the strength and intelligence to be an independent, fully functioning person.

The support of the Sarah Faith Hogan Memorial Foundation will help alleviate the inevitable financial costs associated with raising a child with particular need as Malcolm has and we are so very grateful to receive the funds.

"Malcolm has been gifted with the strength and intelligence to be an independent, fully functioning person." Malcolm's story

Sarah Faith Hogan

november 8, 2004 - january 22, 2006

The Sarah Faith Hogan Memorial Foundation was formed in loving memory of Sarah Faith Hogan and is dedicated to the selflessness and courage of Sarah’s grandfather and mother, Chuck and Cathy Hogan.


The Hogan’s immediate and extended family are a true inspiration and a testament to the power of love and the family bond.

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