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John Michael



John Michael was an answered prayer to the couple Mike and Jona.


Mike travelled all the way from Botswana to be with Jona in Vancouver to have a family they call their own. June 24, 2012 , the long awaited day had come. John Michael was born via an emergency C-Section at St. Paul Hospital , in Vancouver. John Michael had a rough delivery via C-Section, he was meconium stained and non vigorous and had to be intubated. His Apgar Score was not promising....thus he needed more intensive care to survive.


John Michael's MRI showed basal ganglia injury which put him under antiseizure medications for three months. The family had been seeing various doctors to find cure and help on baby JM's problem. When the family moved to Calgary in December 2013, JM was seen by a neurologist, Dr. Allison Moore and was later diagnosed to have HYPOXIC ISCHEMIC BRAIN INJURY.


JM was being seen by Child Development Center regarding a whole lot of concerns about his growth, eating, feeding, gross and fine motor skills, communication skills and equipment needs. JM is unable to sit, walk, stand and hold his weight on his own. He had to have an NGT to be able to get some nourishment and gain some weight.


I wish for JM to live a normal life as an individual.....be able to enjoy life like all of us do....smell the fresh air that we all breath....be able to run and walk around on his own....and have a family of his own someday. He has a long way to go....he needs a lot of help....help from people with a big heart . The Sarah Faith Foundation is currently paying for JM's ABM therapy that is helping immensely on his path to development. We can't express enough, how grateful we are for the support of the foundation.


Mike & Jona

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Sarah Faith Hogan

november 8, 2004 - january 22, 2006

The Sarah Faith Hogan Memorial Foundation was formed in loving memory of Sarah Faith Hogan and is dedicated to the selflessness and courage of Sarah’s grandfather and mother, Chuck and Cathy Hogan.


The Hogan’s immediate and extended family are a true inspiration and a testament to the power of love and the family bond.

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