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George Thomas-Brothers

George Thomas-Brothers


In November of 2013, we welcomed a beautiful baby boy into our lives and our little family was complete. George Marquand Thomas-Brothers was born on the 18 at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax Nova Scotia, a chubby eight pounds and three ounces. Following a brief recovery period, we left the hospital three days later with our bundle of joy.

Throughout my whole pregnancy, I had a nagging feeling that something was not right, and when George was born as perfect as he seemed I simply could not shake my fears. Within a matter of months, it became clear that George was not developing as expected and at his four-month vaccination appointment, his then pediatrician asked a question that would start our family down a very unexpected path.

"Have you ever wondered if he is blind or deaf?"

That was the begging. From there we moved across the country to Calgary, AB to be closer to my family and their support. George started having seizures, falling farther behind in milestones and failed to thrive. In his little life, he has had many surgeries, MRI's, CT's, EEG's, EMG's, ultrasounds, x-rays, and just about every test you can think of.

In November of 2014, just before George's first birthday we learned his diagnosis. George has a genetic duplication, deletion, and an unbalanced translocation. Because of this, George has brain malformations, pachygyria, micro lissencephaly, cortical vision impairment, global developmental delay, intractable epilepsy and hypotonia to name a few. In short, this means that George may never develop cognitively or physically beyond the average 4-month-old baby and as such has a shortened life expectancy.

Despite his prognosis and his huge health struggles George is the happiest boy you will ever meet. His smile is truly infectious and his laughter can fill a room and everyone in it with love and light. He is a gentle soul who loves to cuddle and play. He is truly perfect and I feel honored and blessed to be his mother.

As with so many of the other families that the Sarah Faith Hogan Memorial Fund has helped we have found ourselves in a financially unstable place due to George's care needs and costs associated with long hospital stays. In a very dark time, SFHMF provided us with a much-needed reprieve from rent, and in a matter of hours had our power turned back on when we had fallen behind on our bill. I honestly do not know how we would have made it this last year without their amazing generosity and support.

Today George is doing well. He is currently enrolled in the PUF and IMDB programs at Renfrew Educational Centre and is a class favourite with the teachers and the students alike. He loves to go swimming and being outdoors. His seizures are being controlled by a careful concoction of medication and the amazing ketogenic diet and he is growing stronger every day. All of this is made possible largely through the funding and support we receive, without it, George would not be able to attend his school or therapy sessions and we would not be eagerly awaiting the arrival of his standing frame and first wheel chair.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank everyone who has contributed to George's success and look forward to helping SFHMF to provide support to other families like ours in the future.



- The Thomas-Brothers Family

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