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February 14, 2013 was an important event that I’m very thankful for because of two wonderful events that took place. First, I was celebrating Valentine’s Day with my husband and second, our two little angels were born. Ezekiel was born a minute before Jeremiah at the Foothills Hospital. We can not describe how much joy we had meeting them. The following day, the nurse noticed that our younger twin, Jeremiah, was having involuntary movements and brought him to the NICU for further examination. They stayed for more than a month and a half in the hospital and underwent all necessary tests such as MRI, EEG, LB, genetic test and others. They then transferred us to the Alberta Children’s Hospital for further observation which took 2 weeks. The doctors confirmed that it was safe to bring them home.

May 2013, my mom and I noticed something unusual. Ezekiel’s aura, jittery movements and his breath holding and we suspected that he was having a seizure. We immediately brought the boys to the emergency room. 

June 16, 2013, my thoughts were full of worries, fears and I was very heart broken. A bunch of doctors and specialists examined both boys. Later, the specialists called for an emergency meeting with the parents and chosen relatives. The doctors told us that my two boys have a Neurodegenerative disorder (also known as Mitochondrial Disorder). They predicted that reaching a year old would be considered “lucky”.

Two months later, specialists found the right combination of medications for both Ezekiel and Jeremiah which could help them. Until one day, Jeremiah had so many seizures, every fifteen minutes. I did not know what to do. I was very scared to lose him, so I was always by his side even though it was hard seeing him in so much pain. Ezekiel started to have non-stop seizures as well. I wanted to lessen all the sufferings they were experiencing but there was nothing that I can do but to pray. Thankfully, my prayers were answered and the seizures stopped. I then read a sign hanging at the top of their bed “I made all of this out of nothing. Trust me I can take care of you – God”…I felt God’s presence and this made me feel hopeful. So I made a promise to my two little angels that I will never leave them and I will do my very best in taking care of them.

God is really great. He is the reason why miracles do happen. This journey has been a roller coaster full of ups and downs but with God, he makes sure that we can be strong in whatever we have to face. I have decided that the boys will participate in all the events and special occasions that ACH holds. I even make their costumes for it. We also celebrate their birthdays’ every 14th of the month to thank God for allowing us to enjoy and also cherish every moment with them. Having our two little angels has taught us so many lessons in life. To always appreciate, even the little things, and to always stay positive and enjoy every chance we get in this world. Ezekiel and Jeremiah surprise us every single day. Their smiles give us hope and they make us smile too. Thank you to all the ACH staff and the people who helped us and made it possible to bring the boys home, which I have always wanted. The twins are doing well, but still have an unknown diagnosis, and have not yet found a cure. They continue taking anti-seizure medicine 2-4 hours a day, and we make sure that they are being monitored 24/7.  


The SFHMF helped us with funding for medication costs, electrical bills, and baby supplies.  A million thanks to Sarah Faith Hogan Memorial Foundation for helping us financially and being a part of our success! 



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Sarah Faith Hogan

november 8, 2004 - january 22, 2006

The Sarah Faith Hogan Memorial Foundation was formed in loving memory of Sarah Faith Hogan and is dedicated to the selflessness and courage of Sarah’s grandfather and mother, Chuck and Cathy Hogan.


The Hogan’s immediate and extended family are a true inspiration and a testament to the power of love and the family bond.

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